Brief Introduction

Mt. Laoshan is situated at the seashore of Yellow sea,in the east of Qingdao city, with a total area of 446 km2. It is one of the national main scenic spots announced by State Council, including 9 specific tourist attractions—Jufeng, Dengying, Liuqing, Taiqing, Shangqing, Yangkou, Qipanshi, Beijiushui and Hualou, 5 scenic spots being restored, such as Shazikou etc and some other spots around the mountain along the coast. Jufeng(the highest peak), 1132.7m above sea level is the highest among the mountains along the national coastal line of over 10,000 miles. Mt. Laoshan also bears the name as “No 1 coastal mountain”, “land for supernatural being” or “fascinating and blessing place” which makes it a famous scenic spot for sightseeing, spending summer holidays, resting and recuperating.

Thrusting from the sea, Mt. La ......


Religious Culture

  • Taoism

    The Mount. Lao is one of the cradle of Taoism. From Chunqiu Period, the Mount. Lao swarmed a lot of alchemists. And the end of Warring States Period, the Mount. Lao was famous as the fairy land of the East China Sea in the world. more>

  • Buddhism

    The Mount. Lao not only laurelled as the most famous mountain on the sea for its beautiful natural scenery and long history of Taoist, but also is regarded as a holy place of Buddhism in China because of its incorporating spirit bestowed by the mountain and the sea.more>

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